When it comes to divorce, it’s essential to have the best Brooklyn divorce attorney aggressively fighting on your side. However, it’s also important to know divorce fact from divorce fiction. Keep reading to learn the truth behind common divorce myths.

Myths About Divorce Debunked

Myth: Couples who aren’t married, but have been together a long time and have children, possess all the same rights as legally married couples and everything should be split 50/50. Truth: No matter how long they have been together or if they have children, cohabitees/unmarried couples do not have the same rights as married spouses.

Myth: Whoever is to blame for the breakdown of the marriage will receive a reduced share of the assets. Truth: The division of marital assets is completely separate from how and why the marriage ended.

Myth: A partner isn’t entitled to the other partner’s assets if they are in the other partner’s sole name. Truth: As long as the marriage was not extremely short, almost everything owned by both of the spouses, regardless of it is in sole names or joint names, will be viewed as a matrimonial asset.

Myth: When it comes to debt, whichever partner spent the money has to pay it. Truth: If the credit card bill is in joint names, then the credit card company has the right to come after both partners until the debt is paid, regardless of who spent the money.

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