Have you recently been arrested for a crime? Then it’s important to know what happens next. Keep reading to learn the timeline of criminal cases and to find out where you can get the best criminal attorney in Brooklyn.

6 Steps That Occur After Your Arrest

  1. Your case is assigned to either the federal or state court based on the type of crime. Federal courts handle all alleged violations of federal laws, such as violent crimes with multi-state victims and white-collar crimes. Meanwhile, state courts handle all alleged violations of state laws, such as robbery, burglary, DUI, and violent crimes in one state.
  2. You obtain a lawyer. This lawyer is either a private criminal defense lawyer or a court-appointed public defender and depends on your financial situation.
  3. The charges against you are read at an arraignment, a plea is entered, bail is negotiated and set, and the trial date is set (or a sentencing date with a guilty or no contest plea).
  4. Both the defense and prosecution teams prep witnesses and gather evidence. During this time, plea negotiations take place and, depending on the nature of your charges. you will either be out on bail or incarcerated.
  5. If no plea bargain is taken, the jury is selected and your trial begins with the defense and prosecution presenting witnesses and arguing your case.
  6. The jury deliberates and delivers a verdict.

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